The SaiphC SDK is free for personal/open source/education use, or business use that has annual revenue less than 200k US dollars.

The SaiphC SDK has the following components:

  • C/C++ compiler (based on clang)
  • Memory guardrail runtime to check all memory access violations
  • Standard C library
  • Standard C++ library (C++14 is supported, exception is not)
  • Package system for third party libraries

Please prepare your computer by following the two steps to install the SDK:

  1. Your system needs to have x86/x86-64 CPU and one of the following OSs:

    • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, and Alpine have been tested, other distros should work)
    • Windows + WSL2 + Any Linux Distribution (Debian is recommended)
    • Make sure you have a version of WSL2 and your favorite Linux distribution here.
    • MacOS + VirtualBox + Any Linux Distribution (Debian is recommended)
    • Download VirtualBox
  2. Boot up your Linux environment. Please run the following commands to verify your Linux installation has the required software. If not, please install them.

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wget


    chmod +x && ./

Download and Install the SDK

Supported Third Party Libraries