Use It Online

  1. Click on and sign in
  2. Click on to create a new project with no template
  3. Click on ··· to bring up the following menu and then click on Upload ... to upload your code and data:
  4. Click on to start a build and a terminal session
  5. Run your executables in Terminal as shown below:
  6. Read the memory access violation diagnostic messages that appear in the Terminal

Use It On Your Computer

  1. Get the SDK here
  2. Use sfc/sfc++ to compile your code
  3. Run the generated exeutable
  4. Read the memory access violation diagnostic messages


It played a huge part in me being able to finish hw2 and I'm really grateful for it.
-- ICS53 student

It is really very helpful. Obviously there was a lot of memory errors in my code. I fixed them with the help of the
-- CS50 student

Thank you! The tool is really useful as it points out where the segmentation fault happens.
-- CS50 student

Used by students of the following schools: Cal Poly, CSU Northridge, GMU, Texas State Uni., UCF, UCI, UCSC, UCSD, Uni. of Manitoba, Uni. of the Philippines, Utah Valley Uni., UIUC, Uni. of Waterloo, UC Davis.
1 Work for portable C and C++ code, and all source code need to be available to compile by SaiphC.