Use It Online

  1. Click on and sign in
  2. Click on to create a new project with no template
  3. Click on ··· to bring up the following menu and then click on Upload ... to upload your code and data:
  4. Click on to start a build and a terminal session
  5. Run your executables in Terminal as shown below:
  6. Read the memory access violation diagnostic messages that appear in the Terminal


It played a huge part in me being able to finish hw2 and I'm really grateful for it.
-- ICS53 student

It is really very helpful. Obviously there was a lot of memory errors in my code. I fixed them with the help of the
-- CS50 student

Thank you! The tool is really useful as it points out where the segmentation fault happens.
-- CS50 student

Used by students of the following schools: Cal Poly, CSU Northridge, GMU, Texas State Univ., UCF, UCI, UCSC, UCSD, Univ. of Manitoba, Univ. of the Philippines, Utah Valley Univ., UIUC, Univ. of Waterloo, UC Davis, Univ. of Massachusetts Boston, Penn State Univ., State Univ. of New Work at Buffalo, Yuba Community College, Univ. of Melbourne, Univ. Federal do ABC, Univ. Nacional De Colombia, Morgan State Univ., Macquarie Univ., Georgetown Univ., Florida International Univ., Rutgers, Princeton Univ., Harvard Univ, Syracus Univ.
1 Work for portable C and C++ code, and all source code need to be available to compile by SaiphC.